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Bill Ades is a certified yoga teacher as well as artist, and nutrition coach who loves helping people discover their callings and realize their goals.  Ades works with people from all walks in life, using an integrative approach, in which he takes into account all their needs, and through yoga practice and healthy food choices, helps them to reach their optimum mental, physical, and spiritual state.  

A native New Yorker, after graduating from New York University with his Bachelor degree Visual Art, Ades took his creative skills into several different fields where he worked in several business ventures before discovering his passion for teaching yoga. He graduated with 500 hours of training through The Kaivalya Method Method as well as the American Yoga Academy.


Bill Ades lives in Brooklyn with his wife and family where he practices and teachers yoga both from his home and through his studio Llamaste Family Yoga Center, which he founded and where he employs a staff consisting of some of the top yoga teachers in the New York City Metro region.



Group Sessions

I teach group classes throughout the week both through my studio at Llamaste Family Yoga Center, and as well as from my home donation. Home classes are by donation through Venmo. Each class is live streamed which means that you can look forward exciting new variations in each of your classes

Private Sessions

Practice yoga livestreamed from your computer or tablet in the comfort of your own home. Click the button below to see my class offering and choose the time that works best for you.

Yoga on Demand

Do you have a hectic schedule where it is difficult for you attend a live streamed class or commit to a private? Access my library of videos and practice along to it. Sign up below to activate your membership and receive your first 2 weeks free

Bill is a vibrant and influential individual who, through his practice get down to the core of what makes us tick. Bill helped me overcome smoking and live a happier lifestyle, showing me that the key was inside me all along

Jack E.M.

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